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Our Church Relations team exists to serve you. We are here to create, foster, and nurture strong bonds with our faith- based communities.

We know that the local church is the veritable backbone of everything that happens at Residing Hope beginning in 1906 when local Methodist Churches began collecting Fifth Sunday offerings, leading to the initial founding of the Florida Methodist Orphanage in 1908. Those Fifth Sunday offerings have become part of the fabric of support by the local churches here in Florida and continue to bless our ministry.

Helping You Help Us

Fifth Sunday Materials

Our team stays ready to answer any of your questions, provide informational materials, and keep you informed of happenings on our campuses. Rev. Brian Carr, Director of Church Relations, and others on the team routinely visits churches to share about Residing Hope and is available to speak to congregations for a couple of minutes or an entire sermon. He can also meet with Sunday School classes, small groups, women’s groups, men’s groups, youth groups, etc.

We are now providing electronic versions of our Fifth Sunday materials, in addition to the printed supplies that we send to churches. To access, please click below:

If you are interested in learning more about our Spiritual Life program, click here.

Spiritual Life Program

The Local Church Representative

In every church, there is an opportunity for volunteers to serve as Local Church Representatives (LCR). This position is vital to keeping congregations plugged into the ministry of Residing Hope.

Non Methodist churches may also have a designated liaison between their church and the ministries they support, and would benefit from the information here.

The main role of the LCR or other liaison is to communicate the mission of Residing Hope to their congregation to help develop support for Fifth Sunday, Christmas, and other offerings. They also host collection drives, coordinate campus tours, and most importantly, help connect children and families in crisis to Residing Hope.

To equip and support the LCRs and liaisons, we host annual trainings and have a variety of materials that come throughout the year to assist them, including:


To learn more about this important role and the support we offer.

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Event Planner Workbook

For assistance in planning your next fundraising event for Residing Hope.

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