Independent Living

Supports Education

Offering a Hand Up

The purpose of the Independent Living Program is to assist young adults as they age out of traditional residential group care or who are out on their own and have difficulty maintaining their housing.

These young adults need a hand up to help them become independent. The primary goal of this program is to function as that step forward by providing shelter and support in order for them to secure employment and stable housing. Where applicable, the program also supports an education plan. This is a flexible program intended to meet the needs of young adults seeking assistance.

The Independent Living Program actively collaborates with other service providers and community resources to facilitate access to the full continuum of community services.

Help us give a hand up

The Independent Living Program is intended to support:

  • Youth ages 18- 26
  • Youth who are exiting foster care
  • Young adults who are homeless
  • Single mothers
  • Those who are willing to attend and actively participate in the services offered, including mental health services, case management, community meetings, life skills/psychosocial rehabilitation training and community outreach offerings
  • Youth without a history of extreme violent or sexual criminal offenses and no current drug use
Helping Ages 18-26

Services Offered

Adult and Family Shelter

The shelter program offers a room or retreat, community kitchen and living room area, case management services with community outreach, and a residential advisor available 24/7.

Life Skills Training and Career Development

Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) is a support system that includes community-based or clinic-based services. These services are designed to assist young adults in strengthening or regaining skills designed to help them succeed. Their success could be achieving their self-determined rehabilitation goals at work or in school, or in daily life. It is intended to assist the young adult in the development of the environmental supports necessary to thrive in the community with the least amount of professional intervention possible.

Skills development is also offered and includes daily living skills (food preparation, money management and budgeting, personal hygiene, maintenance of living area, etc.), social skills training, pre-vocational training and career development.

Mental Health Therapy

Mental Health Therapy services are included in the Independent Living Program to provide residents with a holistic approach to help restore stability and well-being. Mental Health Therapy services can support the resident in controlling or eliminating their emotional symptoms and negative thoughts, allowing the recovery of ability to function and succeed. In addition, Mental Health Therapy services may also be provided to address past trauma that may be causing distress and hindering progress.

Mental Health Services offered include assessments, treatment planning, as well as individual and group sessions. These services are directed towards reaching autonomy and independence by addressing the trauma, emotions and thought processes that may limit personal functioning.

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