Hope Has A New Name

Established in 1908

Why A New Name?

The Florida United Methodist Children’s Home was first established in 1908 as the Florida Methodist Orphanage.

Since that time it has grown into a multi-faceted organization serving abused, abandoned, and neglected children from across the state of Florida. In addition to providing a higher level of therapeutic residential care in two locations, we also provide foster care and outpatient counseling in multiple counties. We realized that we had outgrown the Children’s Home name, and needed something that better represented the purpose we serve and the care we provide. That new name is
Residing Hope Logo

Residing Hope expresses optimism and the opportunity of a better life for the children and youth we serve.

Why Residing Hope?

In selecting a new name, we wanted a name that reflected the organization we had become while staying true to our history. It should also reflect our steadfast mission as a faith-based provider: Empower children and families to experience the transforming love of Christ through evidence-based care and holistic services.

The word HOPE is commonly used to mean a wish or desire. But in the Bible, hope is the confident expectation of what God has promised and the strength of His faithfulness. Residing Hope expresses optimism and the opportunity of a better life for the children and youth we serve. That compassionate care drives everything we do across all of our services and locations.

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Reflects Our Mision

How Our Logo Reflects Who We Are

Our new logo thoughtfully demonstrates who we are and reflects our mission and values. Each component tells part of the story of Residing Hope.

The cross in the logo represents our commitment to our faith-based values and recognizes our rich history as a Methodist organization.

The sunrise rays are indicative of the hope found in a new day. It also speaks to the hopeful futures that our children and youth are able to find at Residing Hope.

The residing heart is reflective
of the love and care provided through all of Residing
Hope’s services.

The uplifted hands in worship demonstrate hope and the promise of transformation that can be found through faith and prayer.

Residing Hope defines us both figuratively and literally, as the place where hope lives and grows.

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