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I lived in the Home back in the 1960’s we didn’t have what they have now. It was good all they had for us to do. I lived there for 5 1/2 yrs. Really had an enjoyable time there learned a lot in those years. I raised my children as I was taught. They are grown now. Thank you Fl. Methodist Children’s Home.


I grew up here!!! If it wasn’t for FUMCH and the house parents and staff I wouldn’t be who I am today!! FUMCH will always have a piece of my heart


I just wanted to give a big thank you to everyone here…I was here for a while and this place is truly wonderful..I’m tearing up typing this. Thank you for the beautiful memories, my friends, my security while there. You guys are ALL ANGELS. This place truly is a safe haven.


I lived here for a while as a young teen in 1991-1993! Fumch was hands down the best group home I had ever lived in. My house parents Cath and Kathy were the very best. I would love to connect again with all the friends I made there. Between the campus as a whole and high school friends my young teen years ended up being wonderful. Thank you for turning my dark lonely life into a bright light in my heart.

Tony’s Poem

Left behind broken and abandoned.
That’s the life that I was handed.
My mother was never there,
And my father didn’t really care.
I thought they loved me,
But now I can clearly see.
They loved everything except me
Especially alcohol, money, and weed.
I gotta move on and don’t let it bother me now,
But for some reason I don’t know how.
Now I keep my head held high
And I told my parents goodbye
My life has a better meaning.
And I promise on my beating heart
That nobody will tear me apart.
So leave me be… Let me keep dreaming.

I never wanna be what I want to be
But there’s always something out there yet for me
I get a kick outta living in the here and now,
But I never wanna feel I know the best way how
Because there’s always one hill higher with a better view,
Something waiting to be learned I never knew.
So ‘til my days are over
Never fully fill my cup.
Let me go on growing,
Growing up.

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